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Common Root Rot and Fusarium Foot Rot of Wheat, G1998
Common root rot and Fusarium foot rot are fungal diseases common in dryland winter wheat and in no-till and continuous cropping systems. In the fall, seed treatment fungicides provide an early window of protection against common root rot and seedling blights caused by Fusarium spp. 05/18/15

Expanded Learning Opportunities: Youth to Youth Positive Interactions, EC489
Friendships help youth develop emotionally and morally, and help them to learn critical life skills such as social skills, communication, cooperation, problem solving, and many more. This publication has strategies and activities for youth development professionals to use in building positive peer relationships. 04/30/15

Nebraska's Cattle Feeding Industry: Size, Structure and Related Industries, EC847
This publication provides information on the size, scope and structure of Nebraska's cattle feeding industry. 04/22/15

Pesticide Safety: Choosing the Right Gloves , G1961
This NebGuide explains how to choose and properly use gloves when mixing, loading, and applying pesticides to help reduce exposure to chemicals and protect human health. 04/22/15

Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Fed Cattle, g2257
This NebGuide discusses the use of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance as a price risk tool for fed cattle producers. 04/20/15

Impatiens Downy Mildew, g2258
Biology, identification and management of Impatiens Downy Mildew, a fungus-like watermold. 04/09/15

Horn Fly Control on Cattle, G1180
This NebGuide describes various control methods for horn fly and their effectiveness on cattle. 03/27/15