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New Publications (published or revised in past 60 days)

2015 Guide to Weed Management in Nebraska with Insecticide and Fungicide Information, EC130
Research results and recommendations on weed management in Nebraska crop production, now with fungicide and insecticide information. Use the Table of Contents and bookmarks to open specific sections of this comprehensive, 304-page guide. A print edition and downloadable PDF edition can be ordered at 12/10/14

Common Stalk Rot Diseases of Corn, EC1898
Descriptions of stalk rot diseases common to Nebraska corn, including anthracnose, fusarium, gibberella, diplodia, charcoal, and bacterial. Also includes risk factors favoring stalk rots and scouting recommendations. 11/12/14

2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, MP101
University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef cattle research on cow/calf production, growing, forage management and crop residue utilization, finishing, and beef products. 10/29/14

Engaging Intergenerational Volnteers Leader Guide, EC490
Intergenerational programming occurs when youth and adults are participants in the same program. It has many benefits, including providing opportuntities for multiple generations to learn from each other in out-of-school settings. 10/23/14

Expanded Learning Opportunities: Engaging International Volunteers Participant Guide, EC491
Intergenerational volunteers can play an important role in out-of-school settings. The benefits for both youth and adults are endless when blending the generations is purposeful and directed. 10/23/14

Seeding Alfalfa, G2247
This NebGuide covers alfalfa production, including site selection and preparation, fertilization, seed selection, seeding, companion crops, stand management, weed control and stand renovation. 10/21/14

Corn Irrigation Management Under Water-Limiting Conditions, EC2007
This publication discusses irrigation management under water-limiting conditions, including deficit and limited irrigation strategies as they relate to corn production. Some of the basics of deficit and limited irrigation management, in relation to full irrigation, are included. 10/14/14

Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Mounds for Effluent Treatment, G1475
A mound wastewater treatment system may be right for lots that have slowly permeable soils, sandy soils, or a high water table. Learn the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance considerations of a mound system. 10/07/14

Discovery Neighborhood, EC403
Discovery Neighborhood is an interactive, six-lesson program designed for K-5-grade youth. Each lesson focuses on one FightBac! food safety concept (hand washing, clean, separate, cook, chill, and produce) and includes age-appropriate activities. 09/30/14