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New Publications (published or revised in past 60 days)

High-Risk Behaviors Among Youth, G1715
The status of high-risk behaviors among youth today are defined and discussed, and suggestions offered for strategies to promote healthy behavioral choices for youth. 07/17/14

Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator App, A10001
A new UNL mobile app — IrrigatePump — can help you identify irrigation pumping plants that are underperforming and need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced with a better design. Developed by University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension, this app (UNL A10001) uses existing records to help determine when pumping plants should be tested by a professional. 07/11/14

Agriculture Irrigation Costs App, A10002
This UNL mobile app can calculate ownership and operating costs for your irrigation system. IrrigateCost models center pivot and gated pipe irrigation systems and the most commonly used energy sources. 07/11/14

Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility , EC1275
Information on essential plant nutrients, movement of nutrients in the soil and in the plant, and fertilizers. 07/11/14

Wildlife Damage Management for Nebraska Master Gardeners, EC1279
Prevention of damage is something many people can and should do to reduce potential conflicts with wildlife and economic losses. Understanding the basics of Wildlife Damage Management (WDM) and the general principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) enables homeowners, gardeners, landowners, and others to deal with a wide range of human-wlidlife conflicts. To order a printed copy of this publication go to: 07/10/14

Manure Testing for Nutrient Content, G1450
This publication contains guidelines for determining manure nutrient content to improve crop and soil management. Manure testing combined with agronomically sound nutrient management and uniform application optimizes manure nutrient use while protecting water resources. A list of Nebraska laboratories providing manure testing services and a link to a generic manure sample submission form are included. 07/07/14

GrassSnap: A Mobile App for Monitoring Grasslands, A2212
GrassSnap makes photo-monitoring a snap! Rangeland managers can quickly grab repeatable photo-monitoring data, and save it to their smart device. Data can easily be downloaded to a computer. 07/01/14

Nitrates in Livestock Feeding, G1779
Nitrate poisoning does not have to be toxic to animals. Learn the symptoms, causes, preventions, and treatment of nitrate poisoning in livestock. 06/26/14

Constructing a Block and Fence Growing Bench for use with a Capillary Mat Irrigation System for Greenhouse Plant Production, EC303
Plant health and productivity of commercially grown greenhouse plants is improved when production occurs on raised benches where they can be provided with optimal environmental conditions and uniform irrigation. This publication describes how to construct simple and economical growing benches as well as an irrigation system for the specialty crop grower. 06/18/14

Nebraska's Animal Agriculture: Economic Impacts of Cattle, Hog, Dairy, and Poultry Industry Changes, EC866
An overview of agricultural production in Nebraska including crop and animal production trends; economic impacts of hog finishing; dairy, cattle expansion, poultry, and pork expansion. 06/16/14

Using Sugarbeet Pulp in Rations for Beef Cows, G2239
This NebGuide describes how sugarbeet pulp can be an economical, high-energy byproduct in the beef cow diet. 06/13/14

Body Condition Scoring Beef Cows: A Tool for Managing the Nutrition Program for Beef Herds, EC281
Body condition scores describe the relative fatness of a cow based on a nine-point scale and can be used to evaluate the nutritional status of a herd. 06/12/14

Stormwater Management: What Stormwater Is and Why It Is Important, G2238
This NebGuide provides an overview of what stormwater is; what it means to manage stormwater; why it is important to do so; and the changing practice of stormwater management. 06/10/14

Water Wise: Tree Selection and Tree Care, EC302
This publication provides information on the value of trees; how to choose the best tree species for various parts of the landscape; and how to properly install and care for them in a water-conserving and drought-conscious manner. 06/09/14