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New Publications (published or revised in past 60 days)

Understanding the Pesticide Label, G1955
This NebGuide describes the parts of a pesticide label to aid in understanding and promoting safe and effective use of pesticide products. 06/01/15

Management Strategies to Reduce the Rate of Soil Acidification, G1503
Soil acidification is a gradual process that results from long-term intensive crop production. The rate of this process depends on soil type and management practices. This publication includes information about management practices that reduce the rate of soil acidification. 05/29/15

Common Root Rot and Fusarium Foot Rot of Wheat, G1998
Common root rot and Fusarium foot rot are fungal diseases common in dryland winter wheat and in no-till and continuous cropping systems. In the fall, seed treatment fungicides provide an early window of protection against common root rot and seedling blights caused by Fusarium spp. 05/18/15

Protecting Your Cats and Dogs from Pesticide Poisoning, G2260
This NebGuide discusses concerns about pesticide poisoning in pets, how to prevent accidental exposure, and what to do if poisoning does occur. Examples include pesticide poisoning through contact with pesticides in yards or homes (including ingestion of snail/slug baits), and misuse of flea and tick collars or spot-on treatments. 05/05/15

Basic Soil and Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering/Agricultural Water Management and Related Terminology, EC2009
The purpose of this publication is to define terminology commonly used by the irrigation science community as well as by irrigation practitioners, irrigation system designers, producers, water management and regulatory agency personnel, and other professionals involved in irrigated agriculture. 05/01/15