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Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Fed Cattle, g2257
This NebGuide discusses the use of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance as a price risk tool for fed cattle producers. 04/20/15

Impatiens Downy Mildew, g2258
Biology, identification and management of Impatiens Downy Mildew, a fungus-like watermold. 04/09/15

Horn Fly Control on Cattle, G1180
This NebGuide describes various control methods for horn fly and their effectiveness on cattle. 03/27/15

Starting a New Business: Pre-Launch Research, EC495
Identifies what you need to research and how to organize and interpret the resulting information before your start your business. 03/25/15

The Face Fly, g1204
Economic impact and control of the face fly in cattle production. 03/23/15

Sustainable Seafood Consumption, g2253
Learn about the many health benefits of eating seafood and how consumers can help ensure a sustainable supply. 03/23/15

Creating a Solitary Bee Hotel, G2256
This NebGuide shows how to build bee hotels and examines the benefits of installing them in your landscape. 03/23/15

Pesticide Safety: Choosing the Right Gloves , G1961
This NebGuide explains how to choose and properly use gloves when mixing, loading, and applying pesticides to help reduce exposure to chemicals and protect human health. 03/13/15