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2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, MP101
University of Nebraska-Lincoln beef cattle research on cow/calf production, growing, forage management and crop residue utilization, finishing, and beef products. 10/29/14

Engaging Intergenerational Volnteers Leader Guide, EC490
Intergenerational programming occurs when youth and adults are participants in the same program. It has many benefits, including providing opportuntities for multiple generations to learn from each other in out-of-school settings. 10/23/14

Expanded Learning Opportunities: Engaging International Volunteers Participant Guide, EC491
Intergenerational volunteers can play an important role in out-of-school settings. The benefits for both youth and adults are endless when blending the generations is purposeful and directed. 10/23/14

Seeding Alfalfa, G2247
This NebGuide covers alfalfa production, including site selection and preparation, fertilization, seed selection, seeding, companion crops, stand management, weed control and stand renovation. 10/21/14

Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment: Mounds for Effluent Treatment, G1475
A mound wastewater treatment system may be right for lots that have slowly permeable soils, sandy soils, or a high water table. Learn the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance considerations of a mound system. 10/07/14

Discovery Neighborhood, EC403
Discovery Neighborhood is an interactive, six-lesson program designed for K-5-grade youth. Each lesson focuses on one FightBac!™ food safety concept (hand washing, clean, separate, cook, chill, and produce) and includes age-appropriate activities. 09/30/14

Identification of Winter Annual Weeds, EC304
This Extension Circular provides information and color photos to identify characteristics of winter annual weeds commonly found in Nebraska. Accurate identification is essential to effectively managing them. 09/24/14

Pesticides and the Endangered Species Protection Program, G1893
This NebGuide discusses the Endangered Species Protection Program and its role in the use of pesticides. 09/24/14

Corn Soil-Water Extraction and Effective Rooting Depth in a Silt-Loam Soil, G2245
Addresses crop soil-water extraction amounts and patterns, with an emphasis on corn; also, discusses how these patterns can be impacted by soil properties, irrigation management practices, and other factors. Effective rooting depth is addressed and explained in the context of irrigation and nutrient management for corn grown in a silt-loam soil. 09/24/14

Little Kids Cook! Leader's Guide, HEF614
Families and caregivers learn how to involve toddlers and preschoolers in fun cooking and food-related activities that will help kids learn about food and provide a strong foundation for healthy eating habits. 09/23/14

Little Kids Cook! Participant's Guide, HEF615
Families and caregivers learn how to involve toddlers and preschoolers in fun cooking and food-related activities that will help kids learn about food and provide a strong foundation for healthy eating habits. 09/23/14

Drinking Water Treatment: What You Need to Know When Selecting Water Treatment Equipment, G1488
This guide explores household water quality and treatment options and can help consumers select a treatment system suited to a particular situation. 09/22/14

Pinto and Great Northern Bean Prices: Historical Trends and Seasonal Patterns, EC825
Dry edible beans are an important crop in the Nebraska Panhandle and in scattered regions in other states. Producers need to understand the price patterns and risks associated with the dry edible bean market to reduce risk in their long-term marketing plan. 09/19/14

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Precipitation Across Nebraska, EC2002
Quantifying spatial and temporal variability of precipitation is important to better understand its potential impact(s) on water resources vs. crop productivity relationships on a temporal and spatial scale. This publication presents monthly, seasonal, and annual spatial and temporal variability in precipitation for each of Nebraska's 93 counties, as well as statewide. 09/11/14

Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Spatial and Temporal Variability of Reference (Potential) Evapotranspiration Across Nebraska, EC2003
This Extension Circular provides annual, seasonal (growing season), and monthly spatial and temporal variation in ETref for Nebraska. In this publication, ETref represents alfalfa-reference evapotranspiration. 09/11/14

Precision Agriculture -- Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors during Harvest, EC2004
Combine yield monitoring technology has been in use since the mid-1990s in the United States. Many users focus on the in-cab display as the “yield monitor.” However, a yield monitoring system is made up of several sensors that provide the data to the in-cab display for yield estimation and map generation. The impact plate mass flow sensor located at the top of the clean grain elevator is the most widely used sensor for monitoring grain flow. The goal of this publication is to provide a basic set of best management practices for combine operators to collect accurate yield data during harvest. 09/08/14

Stormwater Management: Green Roof Basics, G2244
This NebGuide provides basic information on the history, design, construction, maintenance, and benefits of green roofs as a stormwater best management practice. 09/08/14

Stormwater Management: How to Make a Rain Barrel, EC2001
Step-by-step instructions with photos on how to make a rain barrel, including a parts and tool list, and guide to assembly and set up. 09/04/14