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Animal Agriculture in Nebraska

Animal agriculture has a profound impact on Nebraska’s economy. A new publication, EC866, Nebraska’s Animal Agriculture: Economic Impacts of Cattle, Hog, Dairy, and Poultry Industry Changes, gives an overview of agriculture production in Nebraska including crop and animal production trends; economic impacts of hog finishing; dairy, cattle expansion, poultry, and pork expansion.

Benches for Greenhouses

Plant health and productivity of greenhouse plants are improved when production occurs on raised benches. A new publication, EC303, Constructing a Block and Fence Growing Bench for use with a Capillary Mat Irrigation System for Greenhouse Plant Production, describes how to construct simple and economical growing benches as well as an irrigation system for the specialty crop grower. Illustrations show the step-by-step process.

Sugarbeet Pulp as Cattle Feed

Sugarbeet pulp can be an economical substitute for hay, silage or pasture in the beef cow diet. Beet pulp contains highly digestible fiber and can be included with poor quality resides to maintain beef cows. Learn more about the use and storage of sugarbeet pulp as cattle feed in a new NebGuide entitled Using Sugarbeet Pulp in Rations for Beef Cows (G2239).