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Make a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel can reduce storm runoff, storing the rainwater for irrigation use. A new Stormwater Management EC entitled Stormwater Management: How to Make a Rain Barrel (EC2001) gives step-by-step instructions with photos on how to make a rain barrel, including a parts and tool list, and guide to assembly and set up.

Water Meter Calculator App

The Water Meter Calculator App (A10003), a new mobile application, calculates the amount of water applied over a specific time period and can even apply the amount to your allocation caps.

Nebraska Cash Corn Prices and Basis Patterns

The Extension Publication Nebraska Cash Corn Prices and Basis Patterns (EC846) has been revised as of September 2014. This publication provides an understanding of how basis works for a primary commodity grown in Nebraska, aimed at improving the marketing decisions of buyers and sellers of grain. Included are cash corn prices and basis patterns for 31 Nebraska sites.