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Monitoring Grasslands is a Snap

A new mobile app called GrassSnap (A2212) makes photo-monitoring easy. Rangeland managers can quickly grab repeatable photo-monitoring data, and save it to their smart device. Data can easily be downloaded to a computer.

All About Trees

Trees form the backbone of most designed landscapes and fill a variety of important roles. A new Water Wise publication, Tree Selection and Tree Care (EC302) provides information on the value of trees, how to choose the best tree species for various parts of the landscape, and how to properly install and care for them in a water-conserving and drought-conscious manner.

New Gardening Guides

Looking for gardening help? Three more gardening guides are available: EC1274, Mulching the Landscape, EC1275, Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility, and EC1276, Protecting Landscape Plants. Written for UNL Master Gardeners, these guides include lots of helpful photos and are packed with information for anyone who enjoys gardening. The entire series is available here.